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New Version of GradeMate Released!

After months of hard work by Mike, Jason, Alex, and countless users, the team has released a new version of GradeMate. Some of the new features they list on their blog are:

  1. Reporting tools for teachers and students
  2. Exporting and importing GradeMate courses and information
  3. Parent accounts and increased communication from Teacher <-> Parent <-> Student
  4. Blog pages, Project pages, and new, exciting ways to share and collaborate

GradeMate is free online organizer for teachers and students to keep track of homework, files, exams, and due dates. Currently there is no seed money but are willing to work with schools to provide a premium service. Get in touch with them at

Be sure to also check out other products from the members of  3Ten Design: Apokalips webcomic, image hosting, and Sabrstats!

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